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Hearing Services Program

Legislation and contracts

Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) is governed by a range of legislative documents. This page contains links to these and other important documentation on the program.


The Australian Government Hearing Services Program is governed by a range of legislative documents

  • Hearing Services Administration Act 1997
  • Hearing Services Rules of Conduct 2012
  • Hearing Services (Participants in the Voucher System) Determination 1997
  • Hearing Services Voucher Rules 1997
  • Hearing Services (Eligible Persons) Determination 1997
  • Hearing Services Providers Accreditation Scheme 1997
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975
  • Electronics Transaction Act 1999
  • Australian Hearing Services Act 1991
  • Declared Hearing Services Determination 1997

Service Provider Contract

The  Service Provider Contract 2018-2019 (the Contract) establishes the requirements under which contracted service providers are required to deliver the program to eligible clients. The following documents are Standards under the Contract and need to be read in conjunction with the legislation and Contract. They may be amended or replaced from time to time.

Other documents that need to be read in conjunction with the legislation and the contracts are listed below

Service Provider Contract Redevelopment - The service provider contract is currently undergoing redevelopment. Information regarding the contract redevelopment is available

Manufacturers & Suppliers Deed of Standing Offer

The Deed of Standing Offer (the Deed) sets the specifications for the provision of hearing devices by manufacturers and suppliers to the program. There are three Schedules to the Deed, the Approved Devices and Pricing Schedule, the Conditions of Device Supply Schedule, and the Device Specifications Schedule.

The following documents provide further advice:


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