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Hearing Services Program

Forms and Publications

A range of forms and publications relating to clients of the Hearing Services Program, and eligible people.

Medical certificate form

If you are a new client to the program, this form must be completed by a medical practitioner prior to your application for hearing services

Medical Certificate Form (PDF)
Medical Certificate Form (Word)

Client Information Booklet

The Office of Hearing Services has prepared an information booklet that outlines the services that may be available to you if you are an eligible client.

Hearing Services Program information factsheet

The Office of Hearing Services has prepared a Hearing Services Program Information factsheet on eligibility, applying for the program and how to find a service provider.

Clients Rights and Responsibilities poster

The Client Rights and Responsibilities poster outlines the clients’ rights to be treated with respect, to be informed about treatment options, to be given a choice of hearing devices from fully subsidised or partially subsidised devices and privacy issues. It also outlines clients’ responsibilities to disclose relevant medical information, respect staff and participate in follow up care.

Clients Rights and Responsibilities Poster

The contracted service provider contract requires that the poster be displayed at each Permanent Site. There is an online ordering facility for posters.

New client application form

You can apply for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) online.

Apply online today

In most cases your online application will take a few minutes to complete and  you will be told if you are eligible once you have submitted your application.  If you are eligible, you will be sent a welcome pack to the program, and a medical certificate to take to your service provider. 

If you are unable to apply online you can apply by:

  • visiting a service provider who can help you apply for the program
  • downloading the paper application form below, to print out and complete

New Client Voucher Application Form (PDF)
New Client Voucher Application Form (Word)

Reconsideration and appeals form

A request for reconsideration means making an application for a decision you are affected by and dissatisfied with (made by the Office of Hearing Services) to be looked at again within the Department of Health. A request for reconsideration can only be made in very specific circumstances, you can find more information about reconsideration requests on our website.

Reconsideration and Appeals Form (PDF)
Reconsideration and Appeals Form (Word)

Further Information

If you would like further information on any of the above publications, please contact the Office via or phone 1800 500 726.

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