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Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services Program on Norfolk Island

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) has been delivering services on Norfolk Island since 1 July 2016. Australian Hearing is the sole provider of hearing services under the program on the island and visits three times a year.

New Hearing Services Program clients

Can I receive hearing services on Norfolk Island?

Yes. Anyone can receive hearing services under the program providing you meet the eligibility criteria. You can check your eligibility on the website under Check your Eligibility

I already have hearing aids. Can I still receive hearing services on Norfolk Island?

If you are eligible for the program, yes. Australian Hearing will assess your hearing and determine whether your devices are still appropriate. If you are eligible for a new device or devices, they can be supplied and fitted at no cost to you.

How do I apply for the Hearing Services Program?

If you’re eligible, Australian Hearing will assist you with the application process for the program, or you can apply today on the website choose the Apply now button.  You will need a medical certificate.

Where can I find out more information about the Hearing Services Program?

More information about the program, including what services and supports might be available to you, can be found on our website under the Client Information Booklet and For Everyone/Client Information webpages.

Existing mainland Hearing Services Program clients

What happens if I’m currently receiving services on the mainland?

You can either continue to travel to the mainland to see your existing contracted service provider or transfer to Australian Hearing.

How do I transfer to Australian Hearing?

You can contact Australian Hearing directly and they will arrange for the transfer of your documents and the management of your hearing. Australian Hearing’s contact details can be found below.

Do I have to transfer to Australian Hearing?

No. However, if you wish to receive fully subsided services and devices under the program then you will need to either, transfer to Australian Hearing who visit Norfolk Island three times a year, or visit another service provider, who is contracted to deliver program services, on the mainland.  Information about hearing providers who can deliver hearing services under the program can be found on our website under For Everyone/Locate a Provider.

How do I make an appointment to see Australian Hearing?

Australian Hearing visit Norfolk Island three times a year. To make an appointment, you can either email your Norfolk Island phone number to Australian Hearing at or call Australian Hearing on 1300 262 363 (normal International Direct Dialling charges apply). Make sure you tell them you are calling or emailing from Norfolk Island and ask them to call you back.


I'm eligible - How do I apply?

I've applied - What happens next?

Norfolk Island factsheet (PDF 60 KB)

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