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Provider Self-Assessment

A key component of the risk-based approach to compliance monitoring activities is an annual online provider Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). The SAT is an opportunity for providers to review their policies, procedures and systems to ensure program compliance and to identify any areas where improvements are needed. The SAT is usually held between September and November each year, and providers will receive a notice when the SAT is open.

The SAT is compulsory for all providers and failure to complete and submit the SAT within the timeframe results in the provider being audited.

Providers are also encouraged to provide feedback about the SAT as part of the process.

2018 SAT

The 2018 SAT is now closed. The Compliance Team will review SAT responses and undertake follow-up with providers as required. Key issues include cloud storage, preferred supplier disclosures, breach reporting and subcontracting.

A sample version of the 2018 SAT will be made available for providers to check their compliance at any time.

The link to this sample SAT will be published with the outcomes report.

Outcomes from the 2018 Self-Assessment Process

All 275 providers completed the SAT by the due date. This is an improvement from 2017, where five providers failed to submit their SAT by the due date and were required to participate in a formal Service Management Systems audit.

Provider feedback will be considered in development of future self-assessment processes.

An Outcomes Report for the 2018 SAT will be published on this page in early 2019. You can review the 2017 Annual Self-assessment Report by clicking on the link below.


2017 Annual Provider Self Assessment Report.pdf (PDF 57 KB)

Provider Self-Assesssment 2018.pdf (PDF 40 KB)

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