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2014 Contracted Service Provider Notices

Below is a list of Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs) and HSO Project Bulletins issued in 2014. If you wish to view an archived notice please e-mail

Number Service Provider Advice Status
2014/36 Site closures during the holiday period Archived
2014/35 NDIS interface with the Hearing Services Program Archived
2014/34 Holiday arrangements Archived
2014/33 Monthly Voucher Statistics Archived
2014/32 Portal Access Update and Business Continuity Planning Archived
2014/31 Potential Portal Outage  (external) Software Upgrade 17 Dec Archived
2014/30 Portal release 12 December 2014, including User Guide Updates Archived
2014/29 Hearing Services Online - Engagement and Communications Archived
2014/28 End of year manual claims cut off date Archived
2014/27 Reducing the number of e-Claim rejections Archived
2014/26 2014 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2014/25 Eligible Criteria for Refitting Archived
HSO 2014/09 Updates to the Website and Online Portal - 16 October 2014 Archived
2014/24 Medical Certificate now available on Medical Practitioner Software Archived
2014/23 Practitioner Qualifications and Membership Accessible
2014/22 RSS Feed Archived
2014/21 Review of the Service Provider Contract Archived
2014/20 Voucher Program Statistics Archived
2014/19 Nominations for Service Provider Consultative Group Archived
HSO 2014/08 Updates to the Website and Online Portal - 23 July 2014 Archived
2014/18 Provider survey on experiences using the website and portal Archived
2014/17 Hearing Aid Banks Archived
2014/16 Updated Privacy Principles Information Archived
2014/15 Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) poster Archived
2014/14 Reminder of the consolidation of 1800 call centre services Archived
2014/13 Use of clinical judgment for referrals Archived
HSO 2014/07 Updates to the Website and Online Portal - 27 May 2014 Archived
2014/12 New arrangements for 1800 call centre services Archived
2014/11 Updated Schedule of Fees 2014-15 Archived
2014/10 Audit and Compliance Framework Review Archived
2014/09 End of Financial Year claims cut off dates Archived
2014/08 Changes to the Client Transfer Process Archived
HSO 2014/06 Updates to the Website and Online Portal - 27 March 2014 Archived
2014/07 Consultation to develop a Data and Reporting Strategy Archived
HSO 2014/05 Updates to the Website and Online Portal - 7 March 2014 Archived
2014/06 Manual Claims via Email Archived
2014/05 Voucher-Holders relocating between Contracted Service Providers Archived
2014/04 New Privacy Laws Archived
2014/03 Changes to Forms Archived
HSO 2014/04 Notice of Portal Release Archived
HSO 2014/03 Portal Release Update Archived
HSO 2014/02 Website and Online Portal Changes and Known Issues Archived
2014/02 Portal Release Archived
HSO 2014/01 Portal Release Archived
2014/01 Response to the current bushfire emergency Archived

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