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Hearing Services Program

2015 Contracted Service Provider Notices

Below is a list of Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs) issued in 2015.  If you wish to view an archived notice please email

Number Contracted Service Provider Notice Status
2015/28 HSO Portal - Device Module Archived
2015/27 Direct Marketing Campaigns Accessible
2015/26 End of year manual claim payment cut-off dates through the portal Archived
2015/25 2015 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2015/24 Hearing Services Online - Phase 3 Archived
2015/23 NDIS Transition Planning Workshop Adelaide Archived
2015/22 Changes to the Wishes and Needs Tool Archived
2015/21 Dangers for children from button batteries in hearing devices Archived
2015/20 Letter to Hearing Services Program clients on the NDIS Archived
2015/19 Promotional Postcards Archived
2015/18 Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster Archived
2015/17 NDIS Transition Planning Workshop Archived
2015/16 Changes to Manual Claim Processes Archived
2015/15 Hearing Services Online portal release - 'SP Claims' Access Archived
2015/14 Ambient Noise and Calibration of Audiometric Testing Equipment Accessible
2015/13 Portal Release 3 August 2015 Archived
2015/12 Electronic Signature Policy Accessible
2015/11 Feedback received on draft new service provider contract Archived
2015/10 Updated Schedule of Fees 2015-16 Archived
2015/09 End of Financial Year cut off dates for Manual Claims Archived
2015/08 Call and Information Centre -Feedback Archived
2015/07 Statutory Declarations Archived
2015/06 Consultation on revised contract and HROs Archived
2015/05 Portal Release 13 March 2015 Archived
2015/04 Advice regarding the Tropical Cyclones in Northern Australia Archived
2015/03 Refusal of Service Archived
2015/02 Record Keeping Requirements Accessible
2015/01 Promotional Postcards Archived


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