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Hearing Services Program

2016 Contracted Service Provider Notices

Below is a list of Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs) issued in 2016.  If you wish to view an archived notice please email

Number Contracted Service Provider Notice Status
2016/28 Review of supply of Assistive Hearing Technology  
2016/27 Qualified Practitioner updates Archived
2016/26 End of year cut-off date - request for a new voucher when existing has not yet expired Archived
2016/25 Claiming after a transfer/relocation  
2016/24 Hearing Services Online final portal release Archived
2016/23 Program compliance support Archived
2016/22 Services provided to clients prior to voucher issue date Archived
2016/21 Maintaining your Provider, Site and Practitioner Details Archived
2016/20 2016 Self Assessment Tool Archived
2016/19 Review of Service Items and Fees - project update Archived
2016/18 If you need our help Archived
2016/17 Review of Service Items and Fees Archived
2016/16 Complaints Archived
2016/15 Information for a smooth service provider transition to the NDIS Archived
2016/14 Hearing Services Program commences on Norfolk Island Archived
2016/13 Connecting clients to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Archived
2016/12 Portal release and User Guides Archived
2016/11 Claim enquiries Archived
2016/10 Schedule of Fees 2016-2017 Archived
2016/09 Hearing Services Online Phase 3 portal release Archived
2016/08 End of financial year cut-off date for manual claims Archived
2016/07 Hearing Services Online - Portal demonstration and training sessions Archived
2016/06 Invoices for services funded by Medicare or the Department of Veterans' Affairs Archived
2016/05 Removal of requirements to list provisional practitioners Archived
2016/04 Changes to Weekly Manual Claims Remittance Advice Archived
2016/03 Hearing Services Online - Phase 3 Portal Release and User Training Archived
2016/02 Publication of the Hearing Services Program NDIS Transition Plan Archived
2016/01 Common Claiming Errors Archived


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