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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Linking clients, adding an email and the client information booklet
(CSPN - 201803)

Linking clients to a service provider site

Service providers are responsible for ensuring the client is linked to the appropriate site within their business prior to providing and claiming for services. A provider may be asked to reimburse the Department of Health (the Department) if they claim for services provided to an unlinked client.

For more information on linking clients, please see Linking clients to a service provider site.

Adding clients email address

So that clients are able to receive correspondence as quickly as possible, please ask if they have an email address. If they have an email address please update the client’s details in the portal.

For more information on updating clients, please see Update client details (PDF)

Client information booklet

It is important that clients receive the client information pack as it contains key information about services available through the Hearing Services Program.

When applying for a voucher on a client’s behalf, under the ‘What are the applicant’s contact preference’ section, service providers should enter the client’s email address (if applicable) and select ‘Yes’ next to ‘Send information pack to client’.

Service providers are able to print the client information pack for clients.

Please see the user guide on Applying for a new client.

For further information please email


Linking clients to a service provider site

Update client details (PDF)

Client Information Booklet

Applying for a new client voucher (PDF)