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The Department of Health (the Department) has compiled the most frequently asked questions received from hearing practitioners.

I am still completing my studies and working part time with a contracted service provider (CSP). Do I need to be listed with the Department?

No. The Department does not collect information about students.

I have changed employers; do I need to tell the Department?

You do not need to do anything. Your Qualified Practitioner (QP) number remains with you, even if you change employers. However, you can only use it when you are working for an employer who is contracted under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

How does the Department know which CSP I work for?

Your employer notifies the Department when any fully qualified practitioner starts or finishes employment with them.

I have not provided hearing services to clients of the program for a number of years, how do I have my QP number re-instated?

The Department will reinstate your QP number when your employer notifies us that you have been employed to provide hearing services to eligible voucher-holders.

I have overseas audiology qualifications and experience, how do I become listed with the Department?

Your employer may only allow QPs with an allocated QP number to provide hearing services, or supervise hearing services, to eligible voucher-holders of the program. Refer to ‘How do I become a listed hearing practitioner for information’.

What is my QP number used for?

Your QP number is used by your employer to claim for hearing services, provided by you, to eligible voucher-holders. If you are supervising a student or provisional practitioner, your number will be used to claim for services provided by them.

Your QP number is not site specific, and will stay with you if you change employers. It is not a Medicare Provider number, so cannot be used when claiming Medicare Items.

What are my supervision requirements?

As a Provisional Audiometrist or Provisional Audiologist, your supervision requirements are set by your Practitioner Professional Body (PPB). Please ensure you discuss these requirements with your PPB and that you fully understand them.


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