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Hearing Services Program

Obligations as a hearing practitioner

Requirements of a hearing practitioner under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

What do I need to know as a hearing practitioner

As a hearing practitioner providing hearing services to eligible voucher-holders under the program, you

  • are responsible for your qualified practitioner number, and must ensure that it is used only for hearing services provided by you or supervised by you, and not for any other purpose or person.
  • are responsible for maintaining an approved level of membership with your chosen Practitioner Professional Body(PPB), and for notifying your employer if there is any changes to your membership.
  • your employer is responsible for notifying the Department of Health (the Department) of any changes to your membership that may affect the way you are able to provide services to eligible voucher-holders. Your employer may also be asked to supply proof of your membership to the Department.
  • are responsible for providing services to eligible voucher-holders in accordance with the Standards of Practice and/or Code of Ethics of your chosen PPB.
  • must provide hearing services in accordance with your employer’s standards and processes, using program documents and guidelines such as the Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes (HROs), Minimum Hearing Loss Threshold (MHLT) and Eligibility Criteria for Refitting.
  • should become familiar with the Service Provider Contract 2018-19 and the Hearing Services Rules of Conduct 2012.


Obligations as a hearing practitioner (PDF 91 KB)

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