Australian Government - Department of Health - Office of Hearing Services
Hearing Services Program

Medical Certificate

Prior to accessing the Hearing Services Program a medical certificate is required for all new client applications.

The certificate must include

  • the medical practitioner’s provider number
  • the medical practitioner contact details
  • a statement about any contraindications to fitting a device.

This requirement is set out in Clause 5.3 of the Hearing Services Voucher Rules 1997.

The medical certificate form is included as part of the welcome pack for all new clients who apply for the program.  It is also available on the website, the portal and through the medical practitioner software (Best Practice, Medtech, Genie Solutions, CSC/Practix, Zedmed, Communicare and HCN).

Alternatively, the medical practitioner can complete the medical practitioner details on the paper application form, or as a letter that includes the above details. Once completed the medical certificate should be returned to the client to take to their hearing service provider, or it can be emailed or faxed to the hearing service provider.

If the medical practitioner details are not entered during the application process, the portal will save the client application as a ‘draft application’.

When the medical certificate is completed, it should be taken to the hearing service provider who will retrieve the clients draft application, and add the medical practitioner details.  The client will then be issued with a voucher and services can be provided.

Do not provide services prior to a voucher being issued.

You should retain the medical certificate on the clients file.

If a paper application is sent to the Department of Health (the Department) for processing, we will enter it into the portal.  If the medical practitioner details are included then a voucher will be issued to the client.  If the details are not included then it will be saved as a draft. Any paperwork received in the Department will be retained on our files.

Please do not send the completed medical certificate to the Department, return it to the client to take to their hearing service provider.


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