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Provider Factsheets

To support providers to deliver services to program clients and to improve compliance with the program requirements, a range of provider factsheets are available on specific topics.

Please ensure you, and your staff, are subscribed to the RSS Feed so you can be kept up to date on these topics. The factsheets can be downloaded and used for staff training or clinic resources.

If there are any topics you think would benefit from having a factsheet or you have any comments about the provider factsheets please email us at

Current Provider Factsheets

Title Date of Release
Client Relocations January 2020
Insurance October 2019
Private Services and Devices October 2019
Device Quotes October 2019
Ambient noise level testing and equipment calibration October 2019
Management of client records October 2019
Invoices for services funded by Medicare or DVA February 2018
Claiming information when selling or buying a hearing service business March 2018
Documentation and record keeping December 2017
Service provider advice in case of natural disaster August 2017


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