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Provider Factsheet 3 - Partially Subsidised Device Quotes

Contracted Service Providers (providers) must ensure that clients fully understand the device options available to them, so that they can make informed decisions. When a program client chooses a device from the Partially Subsidised Device Schedule, regardless of whether there is a cost to client charge, you must provide the client with a written quote, and ensure that a signed and dated copy is kept on the client’s file.

Program Requirements

The Hearing Services Rules of Conduct (Rule 17(2)) states that providers must not supply a partially subsidised (top-up) device to a program client unless they have provided a written quote which includes

  • the full device price, which also identifies the government’s contribution
  • the device model and style, and
  • the annual maintenance and repair cost, including information on whether this cost will change over the life of the device.

Clients (or their power of attorney) must sign and date the quote prior to any fitting.

The client should be provided with a quote even if you have decided not to charge them for the partially subsidised device. The quote is necessary to inform the client of the cost for insurance and replacement purposes. It is also important that the client understands that the device is on the partially subsidised list and may not be free of charge to them in the future, for example replacement, refitting or if the client relocates to a new provider.

In accordance with the Hearing Services Rules of Conduct (Rule 17 (1)), program clients should not be encouraged to select a partially subsidised device where a fully subsidised device reasonably meets the client’s hearing needs.

Record Keeping

A copy of the signed quote must be kept on the client’s file.

A new quote must be provided with any change of partially subsidised device or device price.

Compliance Monitoring

Program requirements are monitored in accordance with the programs’ Compliance Monitoring and Support Framework. Partially subsidised device quotes are routinely checked through audits and claim reviews. Providers will be required to reimburse the Commonwealth and/or refund the client if partially subsidised device quotes are missing or incomplete.

Program Support

More information on fully and partially subsidised hearing devices is available on the program website.

The program’s Client Information Booklet and Consumer Guidance Factsheet can assist your clients to make informed choices.

PF3 - Partially Subsidised Device Quotes (PDF 63 KB)

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