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Client consent


Service providers who deliver hearing services to eligible clients under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) have signed a Service Provider Contract 2018-2019 with the Australian Government. It is important that service providers and their staff understand their obligations to the Australian Government under this contract, and have appropriate documentation in place to be able to meet these obligations.

Part 3 of the contract outlines the requirements for Information Privacy and Confidentiality and references the Privacy Act 1988. The program’s privacy policy is available on the website.

Clients are linked to their chosen service provider in the portal. This linkage allows service providers to review, sort and edit client records. This relationship safeguards the clients’ records by restricting database access to their chosen service provider.

To establish the client and service provider relationship and undertake certain functions in the portal service providers must  confirm that they  have the client’s consent and the client’s four points of identity (pension number, first and last name, and date of birth).  Consent may only be obtained from the clients themselves. If the client is incapable of providing consent, a person with the client’s power of attorney (POA) or equivalent[1] is able to sign on their behalf. Providers should note on the client file where a POA or equivalent1 has signed on behalf of a client. Other people, including family members, carers or staff in nursing homes cannot sign on the client’s behalf, as they may not have legal authority to do so.

The written client consent must be documented on the client file for audit purposes. Providers unable to provide evidence to support this certification may be subject to compliance actions as outlined by the Service Provider Contract – clause 39.

[1] Each state has different POA guidelines – please ensure you are aware of the requirements in your State.



Client consent (PDF 53 KB)

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