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HSO Training Environment

The HSO training environment allows service providers to train staff in using the portal without using real client data, sites, vouchers or claims. You will know you are in the training environment as it has yellow and black sidebars and a training environment banner.

To access the training environment, you need to contact your HSO Administrator, or nominate a new HSO Administrator. Details on how to nominate a HSO Administrator are available on the HSO Administrators page.

User guides, quick reference guides and factsheets have been developed to help you use the portal and are available on the user guides page.

Information in the HSO training environment

With the exception of Users, all other information in the training environment is test data only. Further detail on the information available in the training portal is outlined below.


Users and user roles in the training environment are not linked to users in the portal. Users must be added separately and any changes you make in one environment will not change the other. Users will need an AUSkey. The process is the same as the portal but the invite is sent from the training environment.

Please note that authority for user roles is granted separately for the portal and the training environment - being granted access in one does not automatically grant access in the other. Staff requiring different user roles should contact their HSO Administrator.


If you create a client in the training environment, no vouchers or any other documentation will be sent to the client, and you will be unable to claim against this client.


The training environment is not currently connected to real-time eligibility checking. If you want to test the process for entering an eligible applicant you will need to use ‘PCC’ for eligibility type, and the eligibility number will need to end with ‘22B’. For example ‘PCC – 122345622B’. You can then make up any name and date of birth combination you wish. Using this format will always give an ‘eligible’ result in the test portal.


If you create a site in the training environment, it will not appear on the published local provider directory and you will not be able to use the site ID provided for any claiming etc.

Manual claims

To use the manual claims function in the training environment, you will need 'SP Claims' authority for the training environment.

If you submit a manual claim in the training environment, this claim will not be paid.

The user guides contain information on processing manual claims, and the submitting a manual claim for payment factsheet also contains useful information about the manual claiming process.

HSO Training Environment (PDF 61 KB)

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