There are currently no issues with the Hearing Services Online Portal. Issues with AUSkey will impact your ability to access the portal.

AUSkey have notified us that there is currently an issue with older AUSkey software 1.4.4. Service providers will need to uninstall this software and use the more up to date AUSkey extension with Firefox or Internet Explorer using Java. Please contact AUSkey if you need help with installing the newer version of the software.  Please speak to your IT area for assistance.

If the issue persists you may need to contact the AUSkey technical helpdesk on 1300 287 539.

If you have provided a service but required a new or return voucher to be issued, please email the clients details and the service items (if applicable) that you have provided. The Hearing Services Program (the program) will provide you with further information about how to claim for the services provided to eligible clients.

HSO system outages - tips for hearing services providers

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