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July 2019 Contract Redevelopment Consultation FAQs

June 2019 Service Provider Contract Consultation

Recent updates

July 2019 Monthly Program Statistics 2018-2019 and Annual Program Statistics 2018-2019

July 2019 Service Provider Contract Consultation

July 2019 Complaints Summary

June 2019 Service Provider Contract Redevelopment

June 2019 Open Consultations

Contracted Service Provider Notices

CSPN 2019/07 - HSOP Update

CSPN 2019/06 - Contract Consultation and Feedback

CSPN 2019/05 - Service Provider Contract Redevelopment

CSPN 2019/03 - Hearing Services Online Project (HSOP)


Service Provider Contract Consultation Draft is now open. 

All closed consultations are available for viewing.

Publications and communiqués relating to broader hearing health policy is available via the Department of Health’s website.

Contact Centre and Feedback

The contact centre is open from 8:30-5:00pm Monday to Friday (AEST/AEDT) and can be contacted on 1800 500 726.

Enquiries can also be made using the feedback form or by e-mail to hearing@health.gov.au.

System outages

There are currently no system outages.  Should you experience any issues please review the HSO System Outages Tips for Hearing Service Providers webpage.

The DVA eligibility checker for white card holders has now been resolved.  Provider should now be able to finalise client vouchers.  Please ensure vouchers are issued prior to service being provided.

Public Holiday Notice

The Department will be closed on Monday 7th October 2019 for the Labour Day Public Holiday. The Hearing Services Program inbox will be unmonitored, and the contact centre will be shut.  Normal business will resume at 8:30am on Tuesday 8th October 2019.


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