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Requesting a revalidated service

This page provides information on the process of revalidating a service.

If a client has had an assessment or device fitting claimed against their current voucher, the program does not cover any further assessments or fittings against the same voucher without a previously approved 'revalidated service'.

You can request a revalidated service for a client if:

  • the client's hearing has deteriorated significantly and a reassessment is required
  • the client's hearing device no longer meets their needs and they meet a required eligibility criteria for refitting.

A revalidated service request (request) is not required for requests where the proposed solution is a non-scheduled device. Please complete a Request to Fit a Non-scheduled device and email it to

How to request a revalidated service

Providers must submit an Online Revalidation Request and wait for an approval from the program before they can deliver and claim the approved service. Providers will be notified if their application has been approved or rejected by email within 10 days of submission.. The client may be fitted with “trial” devices prior to a revalidated service being approved.

The online revalidation request form is dynamic, and you will only be required to answer specific questions related to your request. For example, if the request is for Reason A – client requires a reassessment, you will only receive prompts to complete questions relating to a reassessment.

Providers must include a written summary in the mandatory* fields on the online revalidation form to support why a revalidated service is required to enable submission. There are two reasons for requesting a revalidated service

Reason A – Reassessment is required due to a significant deterioration in hearing

Reason B – Client is eligible for refitting under the Eligibility Criteria for Refitting (ECR) and a device fitting has already been claimed against the current voucher.

You are required to retain a copy of the submitted application form and supporting evidence on the client’s file to meet the program’s record keeping requirements.

Required information for Reason A

Reason A should be selected if the client’s hearing thresholds have permanently deteriorated by 15dB or more at two or more frequencies between 500Hz and 4000Hz in at least one ear and the client has already received an assessment on their current voucher.

The following information is required for Reason A and should be detailed on the request form.

  • Results of the previous audiogram (item 600/800 or screening test)
  • Results of a recent audiogram/screening test
  • Tympanometry results if bone conduction testing was not completed

Successful submission example  

Required information for Reason B

Reason B should be selected if your client is eligible for refitting under the current ECR but has already received a fitting on their current voucher. The following information is required for Reason B and should be detailed on the request form.

  • Select the ECR that supports  this refitting request
  • Indicate what claim item you will be claiming - 820, 830, 825, 820 with 770 (no monaural maintenance agreement in place), 820 with 760 (monaural maintenance agreement in place).

Note: If the client has only previously had an ALD fitting and the request is for hearing aids, the request should include a monoaural refit and a subsequent initial fit, i.e. 820/760 or 820/770.

  • Clinical explanation why a refit is required
  • Providing evidence to support the refit

A letter from a medical practitioner is required when selecting ECR 2 or 3, to provide evidence of a deterioration in health, dexterity or cognitive ability or change in physical condition of ear or ear health. Note: this letter is not required where deterioration in speech discrimination is nominated.

Successful submission examples  

Refitting requirements under the program

When determining if a client is eligible for refitting under the ECR, practitioners are responsible for using their clinical judgement and clearly documenting their decision-making process.

It is a legislative requirement that the client meets a current ECR. Revalidated services are subject to compliance monitoring to ensure that all program requirements have been met. Revalidated services that do not meet requirements will be recovered.

Service providers should also be aware that a refitting to have matched devices is not a valid ECR.

Fitting the opposite ear when an item 820 has already been claimed

A request for a revalidated service is not required when an item 820 has already been claimed against the current voucher and the client is eligible for a fitting on the opposite ear.

Example 1:  Your business claimed an item 820 left within the last 6 months and your business has now fitted the right ear. You should recover the 820 left and manually submit an item 830. Note: the Date of Fitting for the left ear will be different to the right ear as they were fitted at different times.

Example 2: A previous service provider claimed an item 820 left or your business claimed an item 820 left more than 6 months ago and your business has now fitted the right ear. You should manually submit an item 820 for the right ear fitting.

Submitting your Revalidated claim in the Portal

More information

For more information about requests for revalidated service please email

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