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Schedule of Service Items and Fees

Schedule of Service Items and Fees - Legislative change from 1 July 2021.

The Schedule of Service Items and Fees (the schedule) was redeveloped after the Thematic Review in 2019 of the program’s legislation. As a result the program standards, service requirements, conditions for claiming, evidence requirements and other documentation have now been consolidated into the schedule.

The aim of the consolidation was to:

  • Ensure clarity of the program requirements for service delivery
  • Review and incorporate the Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes (HROs) into the updated Schedule of Service Items and Fees with the intention to cease the HROs as a standalone document
  • Reduce the range of program documentation

The schedule consists of the service requirements and evidence, the Schedule of Fees, and program standards.

The Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2021-22 is effective 1 July 2021 on the Federal Register of Legislation. Please access the schedule here:

The PDF and Word Document version of this has been made accessible for you to download.

The Schedule of Fees webpage has been maintained to allow providers to enable easier access.


There will be a six-month transition period from 1 July 2021 until 31 December 2021 in order to support implementation of the changes.


Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on the Schedule of Service Items and Fees via the Online Feedback Form.

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