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Hearing Services Program

About the Program

The Department of Health (the Department) is responsible for managing and administering the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

Through the program the Department continues to work towards reducing the incidence and consequences of avoidable hearing loss in the Australian community by providing access to high quality hearing services and devices.

Whilst hearing loss can affect anyone prevalence rates for hearing loss are primarily related to the ageing population. Hearing loss can reduce the capacity to communicate and participate in social situations and can affect a person’s education and employment opportunities. With this in mind the Government is focused on improving accessibility of hearing services for the most vulnerable people in society.

The Department

The Department also funds research on strategies to prevent hearing loss or lessen its impact.

Additional information on Hearing Services is available at Outcome 4.2 of the Department's 2017-18 Annual Report, the 2017-18 Health Portfolio Budget Statement and the 2017-18 Health Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements.

The 2018-19 Health Portfolio Budget Statements inform Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes by entities within the Health Portfolio. Hearing Services information can be found at Outcome 4.2.

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