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My device is no longer suitable, what can I do?

If you are having difficulty with your hearing device, or feel you are not hearing as well as you did when your device was first fitted, make an appointment with your service provider to discuss your concerns.

Your service provider will review your situation and work with you to address your concerns.  They may

  • perform a quick hearing test to see if your hearing levels have changed
  • refer you to a medical practitioner for further investigation, if needed (for example, if your ear is blocked with wax, or you have an ear infection which needs treatment)
  • make adjustments to the settings of your hearing device
  • adjust your device to make it physically comfortable
  • service or repair your hearing device
  • help you to use your hearing device and its features
  • work with you to ensure you understand the benefits and limitations of hearing devices in treating the effects of hearing loss.

In some cases, your service provider might determine that you need a different hearing device altogether. This happens in situations where there has been a significant change in your hearing, health, or ability to manage your hearing device, or when it has been more than five years since you were last fitted. Your service provider can talk to you in more detail about your specific situation.

You may need more than one appointment with your service provider to resolve the difficulties you have identified with your hearing devices. It is important to work collaboratively with your service provider during this time, so that they can identify how best to address your concerns.

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