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Hearing Services Program

Replacing a lost or damaged device

If your hearing device has been fitted under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) and has been lost or has been damaged beyond repair, you will be required to pay a small administration fee to have your hearing device replaced. This fee is payable to your hearing services provider.

The administration fee was introduced in 2000 to help with the cost of replacing a hearing device. The small administration fee is a reasonable charge when compared to the actual cost of providing a hearing device to clients of the program. The most commonly fitted hearing devices cost the program more than $400.00, plus a fitting fee, to replace.

The administration fee applies to all clients of the program who have free-to-client hearing devices. Additional fees will apply if your hearing device has been chosen from the top-up range. Your hearing services provider will advise you of these additional fees if they apply to you.

You will be asked to complete a Statutory Declaration, which is a written statement that allows a person to declare something to be true, and describe how you lost your hearing device.

If your device is damaged and does not work, you need to take your hearing device to your hearing services provider who will send the device to the manufacturer for assessment. The device manufacturer will send a letter to your hearing services provider and a new device will be fitted if required.

Your hearing services provider will provide you with a statutory declaration, and assist you to complete the form if needed.

Can the administration fee be waived?

The administration fee may be waived in the following circumstances

  • the holder of a DVA Gold Card issued for all conditions
  • the holder of a DVA White Card issued for conditions that include hearing loss

The administration fee may also be waived where:

  • The hearing device(s) has been lost or damaged by nursing home/residential or hospital staff. This must be certified by the responsible staff member;
  • The hearing device(s) has been lost or damaged by Australia Post or another courier;
  • The hearing device(s) has been lost in a hospital; or
  • The client has dementia.

If you wish to apply for the administration fee to be waived, you should discuss your individual circumstances with your hearing services provider when lodging the statutory declaration for the lost or damaged hearing device(s). If a fee exemption is requested, a check of your continued eligibility for the program will be made when your statutory declaration form is submitted to the Department of Health (the Department).

For further information and advice on replacement hearing devices and possible fee exemptions, contact the program on 1800 500 726 or email


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