Australian Government - Department of Health and Aged Care - Office of Hearing Services
Hearing Services Program

Client rights and responsibilities

Outlined below is the client's rights and responsibilities.


You have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and consideration by all staff involved in your individual hearing care.


You have the right to choose or change your hearing service provider.

Safety and Quality

You have the right to receive services from an appropriately qualified practitioner.


You have the right to be informed about services, treatment options, and all costs, including any ongoing costs, in a clear and open way. You must be informed of any preferred supplier arrangements which may influence the hearing device recommendation being made to you.


If a hearing device is recommended, you have the right to be fitted with a fully subsidised hearing device to assist your hearing loss.  You also have the option to take up an annual maintenance agreement for a small fee.

If you choose to purchase a device with additional features, your service provider must supply you with a written quote that includes device details, all costs, and information on maintenance and repair costs for that device.


You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.



You are responsible for treating your service provider, staff, and other clients with respect and courtesy.


You are responsible for disclosing relevant medical information about yourself.


You are responsible for

  • actively participating in ongoing and follow up care
  • attending appointments
  • if appointments cannot be kept, notifying your service provider as soon as possible.

Complaints Resolution

You have the right to comment on your care and have your concerns addressed. If you are not satisfied with your hearing device or the service you receive under the program, please work with your service provider to resolve any issues.

If you remain unsatisfied with the services provided, contact the Hearing Services Program on 1800 500 726 or (NRS) 1800 555 660 or email

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