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How to find or change your service provider

Services available through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) are provided by a network of service providers throughout Australia. While it is preferable to stay with the same hearing services provider for the life of your hearing device, we recognises that this is not always possible. This page outlines what you should do if you need to change your hearing services provider.

When you are fitted with hearing devices you will need to return to your service provider for annual check-ups and adjustments, and will also need to contact your service provider throughout the year for batteries, and cleaning or repairs for your devices.

Where possible, remaining with one service provider is beneficial as it allows you to build a stronger relationship between yourself and your hearing practitioner/s, so that you can work together on any difficulties you might come across with your hearing loss or hearing devices.

However, there will be times when you need to change to a different service provider, for example if you are not satisfied with the service at your current provider and wish to seek another opinion, or if another service provider is in a more convenient location for you.

Local provider directory

To find a new service provider you can search the online local provider directory on the Hearing Services Program website, under ‘Locate a provider’. You can search by town, suburb or postcode and provider name, if known.

The search results will display up to 20 service providers in your local area, depending on the distance of the service providers from your chosen search area.

Please note that some clinic locations are listed as visiting sites, which means that services are provided at specific times only.

Changing service providers

You can contact your preferred service provider to talk about their services, book an appointment and if applicable, discuss any accessibility issues you might have. You might also find it helpful to ask whether they are familiar with your brand of hearing devices, to ensure their clinic is set up to assist you before your appointment.

Next steps

Your new service provider will arrange for the transfer of your file from your previous service provider to ensure your continuity of care. If you have already been fitted with hearing devices through the program, your service provider will be able to assist you with these. If you have an annual maintenance agreement in place this will transfer across to your new provider.

If you have any difficulties in transferring to a hearing services provider, please contact us


Phone 1800 500 726

National Relay Service (NRS) 1800 555 660


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