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Hearing Services Program

Specialist Hearing Services

The Department of Health (the Department) funds Hearing Australia to provide specialist hearing services through the Community Service Obligation (CSO) component of the Hearing Services Program (the program). Specialist hearing services are available for clients of the program who need additional assistance to manage their hearing loss and communication.

Hearing Australia is the sole provider of specialist services. Services may include access to a broader range of fully subsidised hearing devices, communication training, ongoing services and support to assist clients with their hearing loss.  Clients with the following conditions may be eligible to access these services

  • A person with a three frequency average hearing loss of 80dB or more in the better ear
  • A person with hearing loss and severe communication impairment that
    • prevents the person from communicating effectively in his or her daily environment (such as significant visual impairment) or
    • is caused or aggravated by significant physical, intellectual, mental, emotional or social disability (such as mobility issues after a stroke), and/or
  • A person who uses an implantable device.

If clients are eligible to receive specialist services they may wish to transfer their hearing services to Hearing Australia by contacting them on 134 432. Alternatively, clients can choose to stay with their current provider. Clients should discuss with their provider the options available to them.  Providers are responsible for determining CSO eligibility.

It is important to note that providers other than Hearing Australia do not receive funding for specialist hearing services.

For more information, please contact the Department by emailing or call 1800 500 726 (or National Relay Service 1800 555 660).

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