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DVA Poster - Choosing your hearing device

Information on choosing your hearing devices for Department of Veterans' Affairs clients.

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program) is managed by the Department of Health. As part of the program you may be able to receive fully subsidised hearing device/s. If a hearing device is recommended your hearing services provider will discuss the options from the range of fully subsidised hearing devices with you.

DVA also funds assistive listening devices (ALD) and tinnitus treatment for eligible clients.

The range of fully subsidised devices can be accessed through the program and should meet your needs in the majority of cases.  If your provider believes that fully subsidised options are not suitable to meet your clinical hearing needs, they can contact DVA by emailing to discuss your circumstances.

You can also choose to purchase a partially subsidised hearing device. These have additional non-essential features. You are under no obligation to purchase a partially subsidised hearing device. If you choose a partially subsidised hearing device any extra costs will be your responsibility.  These additional costs may be substantial.  You will not be reimbursed by the program or DVA for these costs.

For more information please ask your hearing services provider for the Veteran Specific Information - Hearing Services

If you have any further questions talk to your hearing services provider or contact the Hearing Services Program


Phone:           1800 500 726 or NRS 1800 555 660


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