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Contracted Service Provider Notices

Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs) are used to communicate changes to the program that may impact on hearing service providers who deliver services to eligible clients.

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Current Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs)

Number Contracted Service Provider Notice Status
202108 Reminder for January 2022 Accessible
202107 Transition Readiness Self Assessment Tool 2021 Accessible
202106 Client Relocations Accessible
202105 Changes to the Hearing Services Program from 1 July 2021 Accessible
202104 Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2021-22 Accessible
202103 Hearing Services Program Review – Draft Report published Accessible
202102 Tips for Improving Claiming Accessible
202101 Further Information about Changes to the Hearing Services Program Accessible
202018 Button Battery Safety Update Accessible
202017 Hearing Services Program Review – Interim Advice published Accessible
202016 Changes to the Hearing Services Online (HSO) Portal Accessible
202015 Hearing Services Program Review Consultation Paper Accessible
202014 Use of Cloud Services for storage of client records Accessible
202013 Government Announce of Changes to the Hearing Services Program Accessible
202012 Conditions for Claiming - Update Accessible
202011 2020 SAT & Compliance Lessons Learnt Accessible
202010 Schedule of Service Items Review and COVID-19 Special Arrangements Accessible
202009 Hearing Services Program Review Accessible
202008 Hearing Services Arrangements during COVID-19 Accessible
202007 HSP and NDIS arrangement 1 July 2020 - updated Accessible
202006 Updated Schedule of Fees 2020-2021 Accessible
202005 HSP and NDIS arrangement 1 July 2020 Accessible
202004 Schedule of Service Items for Consultation Accessible
202003 myGovID Accessible
202002 Provider Transition Readiness Self-Assessment Tool Accessible
202001 AUSKey myGovID Access Update Accessible
201918 AUSkey to myGovID transition Accessible
201917 Program Forms and Templates Accessible
201916 Device supply arrangements disclosure Accessible
201915 Freeze on destruction of client records Accessible
201914 HSOP Project Update 6 Accessible
201913 HSOP Project Update 5 Accessible
201912 Transition Timeframes Accessible
201911 Commencement of Provider Transition period for new program requirements Accessible
201910 New Legislation and Contract Accessible
201909 HSOP Project Update 4 Accessible
201908 HSOP Project Update 3 Accessible
201907 Hearing Services Online Payment (HSOP) Project  – Update Accessible
201906 Contract Consultation and Feedback Accessible
201905 Service Provider Contract Redevelopment Accessible
201904 Updated Schedule of fees 2019-20 Accessible
201903 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Accessible
201902 Thematic Review - Consultation on Draft Legislation Accessible
201901 Marketing and Advertising Accessible

Previous Years Notices

All CSPN’s, HSO Project Bulletins and E-Bulletins issued from 2010 to 2018 are available.


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