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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Hearing Services Online Payment Project (HSOP) Update 3
(CSPN - 201908)

As notified in previous HSOP communications, we are consulting with software vendors & technical specialists. Our thanks to all Service Providers and stakeholders who have engaged with us on this to date.

If your business does not use one of the software vendors listed on the program website, and you have not yet been in contact with us, it is critical that you do so immediately.


We have created a new project webpage, where all project content and updates will be published.

In summary the changes include

  • Batch claims will be uploaded in the HSO portal using a simplified file format and contents, removing the requirement to use the Department of Human Services platform.
  • Improved reporting will be available in the HSO portal.
  • Qualified Practitioner numbers will be generated by service providers in real-time, removing the six week wait time.

We are actively consulting with software vendors and technical teams within different service providers on a proposed File Format for batch claims. For those service providers who may be interested, you are welcome to provide feedback on the File Format via email,, by Wednesday 14 August.

Further information

For (current) technical enquiries regarding e-Claims, please continue to contact the DHS eClaiming Helpdesk.

Please contact us directly by phone, 1800 500 726, or email,

02 August 2019

Download this CSPN 2019-08 Hearing Services Online Payment Project Update 3