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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Device supply arrangements disclosure
(CSPN - 201916)

The Hearing Services Program is committed to supporting clients to make informed choices about where they obtain services and treatment options. This includes disclosure of whether a provider has a preferred supplier arrangement or receives rewards for exclusive device supply.

Providers have been contractually obliged to disclose any preferred supplier relationships, including financial rewards, since 2015. In the new contract and legislation which took effect on 1 October 2019, device supply requirements have been strengthened to:

  1. include disclosure if the provider is also an appointed supplier and sells its own devices; and
  2. expand the examples of rewards to specifically reference commissions.

All providers are required to have disclosure statements in place by
31 March 2020, if applicable.

Disclosure is about transparency regarding the existence of an arrangement and the type of arrangement and does not require disclosure of the commercial or other detail of that arrangement.  As such, disclosure procedures will differ between providers.

To provide assistance, the department is using the opportunity of the new legislation transition period to work with stakeholders to develop some example statements. As a first step, a Provider Factsheet with some initial examples is presented here for your feedback.

Please consider the examples page specifically. We would value your input to ensure the list can make helpful guidance to providers when developing disclosure statements.

Responses are required by close of business 6 December 2019 to Please use the title ‘Device supply arrangements disclosure’ in the subject line.


18 November 2019

Download this CSPN 2019-16 Device supply arrangements disclosure