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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Updated Schedule of Fees 2020-2021
(CSPN - 202006)

This CSPN is to notify you of amendments to the Schedule of Fees and Manual Payment Items to take effect from 1 July 2020.


These amendments reflect annual adjustments in line with consumer price indexation and wage cost indexation.


Attached are the new Schedule of Fees for your information. The schedule will be available online through the Hearing Services website and they will also be available for download from 5 June 2020 in the Hearing Services Online Portal under the publications accordion of the landing page.


Where services span across the two financial years, please refer to transitional arrangements on page 1 of the attached 2020-21 Schedule of Fees.


Client Maintenance Co-contributions

The client contribution to annual device maintenance will increase from $46.25 to $47.25. The client contribution to the cost of a replacement device will increase from $41.05 to $42.20 and will apply to all clients seeking a replacement device.


Impact of New Program Legislation

Minor Maintenance is no longer available to clients who have an expired voucher and no longer meet the eligibility criteria for the program. These service items have been retained for claims for these services prior to 1 October 2019. The price for items 900 and 910 have been reduced to zero to reflect the legislation change. 


If you have any queries concerning the new Schedule of Fees and Manual Payment Items, please send an email to

05 June 2020

Download this CSPN CSPN 2020-06 Update Schedule of Fees 2020-2021