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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Conditions for Claiming - Update
(CSPN - 202012)

The Schedule of Service Items (Services Schedule) will be updated to include a new condition for fitting items. All fitting items will have the following additional condition added:

“The fitting range of the device should accommodate for the expected deterioration in hearing thresholds over the lifespan of the device.”

This update aims to support providers in improving the suitability of devices fitted for Hearing Services Program (program) clients by ensuring the devices account for the client’s long-term hearing needs.

The update will not be retrospective but will be a service requirement for all hearing aid fittings under the program from
1 November 2020 onwards.

Support Information

Attached is the new Frequent Asked Questions factsheet for your information.

From 2 October 2020, the updated Services Schedule will be available on the program website and from the publications accordion on the Hearing Services Online Portal landing page.

If you have any queries regarding the update, please email


02 October 2020

Download this CSPN CSPN 2020-12 Conditions for Claiming - Update