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Hearing Services Program Review – Interim Advice published
(CSPN - 202017)

The Hearing Services Program Review Expert Panel has provided its interim advice to Government regarding the implementation of the Government’s changes to the Hearing Services Program’s Voucher Scheme, announced in the October 2020 Federal Budget.

These changes included extending the Voucher period to five years, removing the 12 month warranty period maintenance payment, and replacing the annual maintenance payment in advance with quarterly payments in advance.

This Interim Advice assesses potential implementation impacts and provides three policy approaches which could be applied during the implementation period. Each approach is aimed at supporting ongoing consumer access to the Voucher Scheme by maintaining a viable provider sector. Impacts on consumers and providers in rural and remote areas are included in the analysis.

You can provide your feedback on the Interim Advice via email at

The Expert Panel will provide its draft Final Report to the Minister at the end of July 2021.


08 December 2020

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