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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Client Relocations
(CSPN - 202106)

The Hearing Services Program (program) has received an increase in correspondence from Hearing Service Providers (providers) on various issues concerning client relocations.

The program recently released a Client Relocations Factsheet outlining the obligations of providers when processing relocations. Key areas for consideration by providers include the following.


Once a provider has been notified by the department via the Hearing Services Online Portal that a client wishes to relocate, the client record must be sent to the requesting provider within 7 business days. The provider must send the complete client record.

Client Consent

A client must give their informed consent to relocate to a new provider before the new provider processes their relocation and commences delivering services. If the client initially gives verbal consent, signed and dated written consent to relocate must still be obtained at the first appointment and must be kept on the client record.

Postage Requirements

Client records must be sent via registered mail or courier. Tracking numbers should be kept as confirmation the client file was sent.

Site information

Relocation requests are sent to the site to which the client is linked in the portal. If the client record is at a different site, the request must be forwarded to the relevant site for action.

If a client record is stored in archives, it must be retrieved and actioned within 7 business days.

Lost files

If a client record is lost and therefore cannot be forwarded on to the new provider, the program, new provider and client need to be notified.  In addition to this the provider needs to have a procedure in place to reduce the likelihood of this occurring again.

Further Information

It is essential that client records are well maintained to ensure continuity of care should they relocate to a new provider. For additional information refer to the  Documentation and Record Keeping factsheet. The program would like to remind all providers of their obligations under Section 35 of the Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019  regarding client relocations and Clause 11(1) of the Service Provider Contract  concerning the creation and ongoing maintenance of client records and documentation.

25 August 2021

Download this CSPN CSPN 2021-06 Client Relocations