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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Claiming after a client transfer/relocation
(CSPN - 2016/25)

The Office of Hearing Services (the Office) has had an increase in enquiries regarding submissions of outstanding claims once a client has transferred to another service provider. Service providers must submit outstanding claims within four weeks (28 days) of receiving a file transfer request (see clause 11.3 and 11.9 of the Service Provider Contract).

The service history in the portal for clients who have relocated will not be accurate until all outstanding claims have been processed. If you are the new service provider you should be cautious about providing services to recently transferred clients. Please contact the previous service provider and confirm that all outstanding claims have been processed or wait until you have received the client’s file.

As the new service provider it is your responsibility to ensure that any planned services have not already been provided by the previous service provider. Any service claimed by a new service provider that causes a conflict with claims made by the previous service provider before the expiry of 28 days will be recovered.

If you are the previous service provider it is your responsibility to advise the new service provider of any claims not yet submitted. You are also responsible for ensuring that all outstanding claims are finalised within 28 days of receiving a client relocation notification. As you will no longer be able to access the clients record on the portal, outstanding claims will need to be actioned through the e-claiming system.

For further information please email

02 December 2016

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