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Contracted Service Provider Notice

Practitioner Qualifications and Membership
(CSPN - 2014/23)

Dear Service Providers

The Office of Hearing Services (the Office) understands that Contracted Service Providers (providers) occasionally supplement their workforce with locum practitioners.

Rule 24(2) of the Hearing Services Rules of Conduct 2012 (the Rules) states that a provider must ensure that each person who provides hearing services, other than Hearing Device Maintenance or Rehabilitation Plus Group Services, to voucher-holders for or on behalf of the provider is:

  1. able to provide hearing services in accordance with the Rules, the Outcomes document and the Contract, and
  2. is a qualified practitioner, provisional practitioner or student.

Rule 23 of the Rules defines the types of practitioners, and Schedule 1 to the Rules defines the approved professional body membership categories.

Please be aware that this applies even where a third party, such as an agency, employs the practitioner on the provider’s behalf.

Under rule 26 of the Rules, the Office, on behalf of the Minister, may disclose and/or obtain information about a practitioner from the Practitioner Professional Bodies (PPBs) or from any provider that engages or has engaged that practitioner. If a provider is unable to provide proof of a practitioner’s membership status, the Office will confirm this with the PPBs.

Where a provider has received payment for services that were not provided in accordance with the Hearing Services Administration Act (the Act) (including the Rules), the Contract and the associated Standards, clause 15.1 of the Contract allows for the recovery of these payments.



Yours sincerely

Hearing Services Program

16 September 2014

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