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Hearing Services Program

Refusal of service

Service providers should be aware of their responsibilities under the Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019 (instrument) should they refuse services to a client of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (program).

 You can refuse services in reasonable circumstances, such as for people displaying aggressive, inappropriate or threatening behaviour. If you do this:

  • inform the client of the reason within a reasonable timeframe
  • provide the client with an opportunity to respond – letting them know the timeframe and how to respond (such as by phone, email or letter)
  • direct the client to our directory to find another provider, or give them our contact details
  • email a copy of your correspondence with the client to
  • document the event in the client’s records
  • forward the client’s original file (and copies of the client’s claim forms) to the client’s new provider if you get notification through the portal that the client has chosen a new provider.

Please note that clause 31(2) of the instrument prohibits a service provider from refusing or failing to provide services to a voucher-holder on the grounds that they will not purchase a partially subsidised hearing device.

The client’s right of reply

Under clause 34(3) of the instrument, if a service provider has refused service to a client they must give them the opportunity to respond and rectify the reason for refusal. 

Service providers should advise the client of the timeframe in which they have the opportunity to respond, and how they can respond (e.g. by telephone, or directed to a particular postal or email address). 

 The client’s response may or may not change the decision made by the service provider to refuse services – it is a decision for the service provider whether the reason for terminating services can reasonably be rectified or resolved.


Refusal of service

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