Australian Government - Department of Health and Aged Care - Office of Hearing Services
Hearing Services Program

HSO Training Environment

The HSO training environment allows providers to practice existing portal processes, test new features, and train staff to use the HSO portal.

Data in the Training portal are test data.  All records can be accessed and edited without affecting sensitive business or client information, as test data is not connected to information in the live portal environment. 

The HSO Training Environment is visually identifiable by the yellow/black colour schematic and the banner TRAINING ENVIRONMENT at the top of each portal webpage.

User guides, quick reference guides and factsheets have been developed to help you use the portal and are available on the user guides page.

Users and User Roles

To access the training environment your HSO Administrator must create a user account specifically for Training portal use, as user accounts / user roles are not linked between Training and Live portal environments.  As such, authority for user roles is granted separately for the portal and the training environment - being granted access in one does not automatically grant access in the other. Staff requiring different user roles should contact their HSO Administrator.

Providers can use their myGovID to access both the training and live environments, the process to accept an invitation is the same for both portals.

Create New Records

As the data in the Training Environment is test data, and can be accessed and edited without modification of live records, the same is true for NEW records.  For example, creating a new Client, Site, Claim, or any other type of portal record will NOT create corresponding records in live HSO Portal.

NO correspondence will be issued, nor will any process result in external action (e.g. Claim payment) in association with a process completed in the Training portal.

Eligibility Checking

The training portal is not setup for real-time eligibility checking.  Application processes must use PCC eligibility type, with a number ending in 22B.  Example, PCC – 122345622B.

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