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Hearing Services Program

Quick Reference and User Guides

User Guides and Quick Reference Guides for both Service Providers and member of the public, and are available for download here.  

Service provider quick reference guides

Getting set up

Accepting an invitation to access the portal (PDF)
HSO Portal - Accessing the Training Environment (PDF)
Accessing or Subscribing to RSS Feeds (PDF)

Portal users

Add a new portal user (PDF)
Add a new site (PDF)
Update site details (PDF)
Clearing your cache and cookies (PDF)
Portal User Roles (PDF)
Managing trading names (PDF)
Updating your business details (PDF)

Managing client records

Edit a client's service history (PDF)
Making a client complex (PDF)
Update client details (PDF)

Find, transfer and link existing clients

Transfer, link and search for existing clients (PDF)

Client vouchers and eligibility checks

Checking a client's eligibility for the program (PDF)
Applying for a new client voucher (PDF)
Confirm voucher for a return client (PDF)
How to finalise a draft application (PDF)

Managing Qualified Practitioners

Add a new practitioner (PDF)
Creating or updating a practitioner link (PDF)

Claiming through the HSO portal

Submitting Portal Claims (PDF)
Relocated maintenance claims (PDF)
Remote control claims (PDF)
Batch Upload (PDF)
Batch Download (PDF) - response file
Payments and reconciliation (PDF)

Recoveries in the HSO portal

Processing a recovery (PDF)

Device manufacturer user guides

HSO User Guide Device Manufacturer (PDF)

Public User Guide

HSO User Guide (PDF)

Public Quick Reference Guide

HSO Quick Reference Guide (PDF)



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