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Hearing Services Program

Partially subsidised devices

Provides a listing of partially subsidised hearing devices available under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

Partially subsidised device schedule

This list contains hearing devices that are available to clients of the program with the payment of an additional cost. The Australian Government contribution to the hearing device is the same as that of a fully subsidised hearing device.

Some of the styles of devices available on this schedule are:

  • High powered behind the ear devices
  • Behind the ear devices
  • Open ear devices
  • Completely in the canal devices
  • In the ear devices
  • In the canal devices
  • Receiver in the canal devices

Partially subsidised device features list

This list complements the partially subsidised device schedule.

Features available in partially subsidised hearing devices vary depending on the type of device. Some of the additional features available in these hearing devices may include

  • Switchable or adaptive directional microphones
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Transient noise reduction
  • Automatic multi-memory
  • Automatic environmental adaptation
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Super directional microphones
  • Frequency transposition/compression
  • Trainability/environmental learning
  • Bilateral processing/synchronisation
  • At least one form of adaptive noise reduction, and
  • Bilateral processing/synchronisation.

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Fully subsidised devices

Fully or partially subsidised hearing devices

Do the additional features of partially subsidised hearing devices improve client outcomes?

Partially subsidised schedule - real-time (PDF)

Partially subsidised schedule - real-time (xls)

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