Provider Factsheet - Closing or Selling your Business

The Department of Health (the department) administers the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program). Program services are delivered by contracted service providers (providers).

From time to time, a provider may decide to terminate their contract with the department or arrange to sell their business to another provider. This factsheet provides assistance in understanding your obligations if you are closing or selling your business.

Program Requirements

The Service Provider Contract (contract) includes provisions for the termination of the contract by either party and the assignment of contractual rights to another provider.

Closing your business

If you are closing your business, the contract requires you to provide 20 business days notice to the program. This can be done by emailing

Once you have provided notice, you must:

Selling your business to another contracted service provider

The contract requires the selling provider to seek the Commonwealth’s consent at least 20 business days prior to the date they propose to assign their contractual rights to the new provider.  This can be done by emailing

Selling provider’s obligations

The program requires the following

“It is your right under the Hearing Services Program (the program) to transfer to another hearing service provider if you do not wish to receive services from     {insert purchasing provider’s name}.  To find a new provider you can ring the program on 1800 500 726, visit the program website or email Please be aware that your client record will be transferred to {insert purchasing provider’s name} should you choose not to relocate to a different provider at this time”

Purchasing provider’s obligations

Selling a site to another contracted service provider

The same obligations apply to both the selling and purchasing providers with the exception that the Deed of Termination is not required as the selling provider will still operate under the program.


Closing or Selling your Business (PDF 203 KB)