Provider Factsheet - Ambient Noise Level Testing and Equipment Calibration

The Service Provider Contract (Clause 10) requires sites to have appropriate equipment and facilities for providing services to clients including ambient noise level testing and equipment calibration. Providers can be asked to show evidence that these requirements are being met.

Program Requirements

Ambient Noise Level testing

All rooms used to provide hearing services to program clients must meet the relevant Australian Standard for Auditory Assessment (the Standard), currently AS/NZ 1269.4 2014.

Ambient noise level testing must be conducted at all sites every 3 years to the current Australian Standard. Where assessment services are being provided at locations that are not covered by the Standard, providers will be required to document on the client record how they managed ambient noise in that location.

The annual Self Assessment Tool (SAT) questionnaire asks providers to certify that they have current ambient noise level certification for all sites.

The Standard sets benchmarks for the measurement and testing of ambient noise levels and provides advice on procedures for conducting pure tone air conduction threshold audiometry. The Standard also sets out the conditions under which audiometry should be carried out. Ambient noise level testing must be completed for all sites every three years, as well as whenever a change in background noise levels is evident. Testing must be completed during normal business hours.

If you use an external contractor to certify your site, they must certify against the Standard. If you are performing the certification yourself, you will need to purchase the Standard to ensure you have the correct procedure, reporting methods and the calculation to determine the levels against which to measure. Please refer to the Standards Australia website

Certification should include the following details

Audiometric equipment calibration

Audiometric equipment used for testing must be calibrated to the Australian Standard/s relevant to each piece of equipment used. Usually equipment calibration is required annually but this can vary.

The annual Self Assessment Tool (SAT) questionnaire asks providers to certify that they have current equipment calibration certification for all sites.

Certification should include

Compliance Monitoring

Program requirements are monitored in accordance with the programs Compliance Monitoring and Support Framework. During compliance monitoring activities, including audits and the annual self-assessment, providers may be asked to provide Ambient Noise Level and Equipment Calibration Certificates.  

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