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Wishes and Needs Tool (WANT)

Information for providers on how to use the WANT tool

Provider instructions – do not provide to client

The WANT1 tool is mandatory for all clients with a 3 Frequency Average Hearing Loss (3FAHL), measured at 0.5, 1 and 2 kHz, of less than or equal to 23 dB (ie 3FAHL ≤ 23 dB) who are considered for device fitting.

The WANT is a client self-report instrument containing two questions. Clients should be given the WANT form and wherever possible, asked to complete these questions without assistance from the practitioner or others, to ensure that the answers reflect the clients’ own attitude and motivation to wearing hearing devices.

Once the client returns the completed form, add the client scores from Questions 1 and 2. The scores are simply the number of the box ticked by the client.

Question 1 + Question 2 = Total score

The client must score at least 2 or more for each question and a total score of 5 or more (when both scores are added together) to be considered to have an acceptable attitude and motivational level for fitting to proceed.

Ensure the client signs and dates the WANT form. Retain the completed form on the client file.

Please refer to the Minimum Hearing Loss Threshold guidelines for the other required exemption criteria prior to fitting the client.


[1] Reference - Dillon, H (2008): Denis Byrne Oration, Audiology Australia Conference, Canberra, 2008( publications).


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Wishes and Needs Tool - provider instructions

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