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Hearing Services Program

Schedule of Service Items for Consultation

The consultation period: 26 May to 19 June 2020.

The updated Schedule of Service Items is now available for consultation.


The Department of Health (department) is responsible for managing and administering the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).The program is governed by the Hearing Services Administration Act 1997, a range of subordinate legislation and the Service Provider Contract.

Following a thematic review of the program legislation, five existing instruments were repealed and replaced with the Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019 (the instrument). As a result of the new instrument, the department developed and consulted on a revised version of the Service Provider Contract. The new contract has been executed by the department and all existing service providers, and now is in effect. The instrument legislates the creation of a Schedule of Service Items and Fees, which includes

  • Schedules which provide information, service requirements, claiming conditions and evidence requirements, and fees for services available to program clients through the program, including
    • Schedule of Service Items – A consultation draft of the updated Schedule of Service Items is now available for feedback
    • Schedule of Fees – No changes to this document.
  • Program Standards which establish specific requirements for service delivery to program clients, including
    • Minimum Hearing Loss Threshold (MHLT) Guidelines – No changes to this document
    • Eligibility Criteria for Refitting (ECR) – No changes to this document.

What’s changing

The current Schedule of Service Items is being redeveloped to

  • consolidate program standards, service items, and claiming and evidence requirements in one reference document
  • ensure clarity of the program requirements for service delivery
  • review and incorporate the Hearing Rehabilitation Outcomes (HROs) into the updated Schedule of Service Items, with the intention to cease the HROs, as standalone document, from 1 July 2020.

This will make it easier for providers to access relevant information in one place.

Invitation for Feedback

The proposed Schedule of Service Items is now available for feedback from Stakeholders.

You can provide your feedback on the updated schedules by completing the survey below.

Schedule of Service Items Survey  – The closing date for your feedback is COB 19 June 2020.

Further Information

Further information regarding the consultation can be obtained by emailing, attention Program Management.

Updates on the consultation may be provided throughout the consultation period on this consultation page.

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