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Service Provider Contract Consultation

Consultation on the proposed service provider contract is now closed. Providers can still complete the Provider Support survey.

The government is currently considering the feedback from the consultation of the exposure draft of the revised legislation underpinning the Hearing Services Program. The proposed new Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019 would take effect on 1 October 2019.

All existing contacted service provider contracts were extended until 30 September 2019. As a result of the proposed new instrument, the contract is being redeveloped.  A consultation draft of the revised contract is now available for feedback. Please note that the requirements in the draft contract may be subject to change depending on the government’s consideration of the new instrument.


A consultation draft of the revised contract was released for feedback and the consultation period is now closed.  You can still access an overview of the proposed changes.

Service Provider Contract Draft

Service Provider Contract - Proposed Changes Overview

Provider Supports

We are also reviewing the support available to assist providers deliver services to program clients.  We are seeking feedback/suggestions on the existing and potential new support via a provider support survey (see below).

Feedback and Timeframes

The Service Provider Contract Consultation closed on 19 July 2019. 

You can still complete the provider supports survey below.

Provider Support Survey closes on 9 August 2019


9 July 2019 – Contract Consultation FAQs and Clarifications

Further Information

Further information regarding the consultation can be obtained by emailing, attention Program Management.

Updates on the consultation may be provided throughout the consultation period on the Service Provider Contract Redevelopment webpage and this consultation page.


2019 Contract_Redevelopment - Proposed Changes

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