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Thematic Review Attachment A - List of Legislation

The following table sets out each of the legislative instruments (and the relevant enabling legislation) to be reviewed as part of this Thematic Review.




Hearing Services Administration Act 1997

Hearing Services (Eligible Persons) Determinations 1997

This instrument establishes eligible persons to participate in the voucher system of the Hearing Services Program.


Hearing Services (Participants in Voucher System) Determination 1997

This instrument establishes classes of eligible people who are participants in the voucher system, the types of hearing services available to participants issued a voucher, and the charges payable by participants within different classes.


Hearing Services Providers Accreditation Scheme 1997

This instrument provides for accreditation of hearing services providers. It establishes the Hearing Services Providers Accreditation Scheme and establishes Australian Hearing Services as one of the accredited service providers.


Hearing Services Voucher Rules 1997

This instrument specifies application requirements for the issue of a voucher and requirements for using a voucher (for clients accessing the program).


Hearing Services Rules of Conduct 2012

This instrument outlines the requirements and standards that contracted service providers must adhere to when providing services to eligible voucher‑holders under the program. It also establishes the qualification requirements for hearing practitioners that contracted service providers rely on to deliver hearing services to eligible voucher-holders.

Australian Hearing Services Act 1991

Australian Hearing Services Regulations 1992

This instrument specifies the charges payable to Australian Hearing Services for the provision of certain hearing and other services.


Declared Hearing Services Determination 1997

This instrument establishes the classes of people to whom Australian Hearing Services provides declared hearing services.


Thematic Review of Commonwealth Hearing Services Legislation

Thematic Review Attachment B - Questions for Hearing Services stakeholders

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