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This page contains links to publications and reports on hearing released or commissioned by the Department of Health.

Roadmap for Hearing Health

The Roadmap for Hearing Health, prepared by the Hearing Health Sector Committee, was published on 13 March 2019.

Health topic quickview: Hearing

A collection of Hearing-related information on the Health website.

Consumer Representative Forum on Hearing Communique 10 February 2018

Hearing Industry Roundtable Communique 22 March 2018

Hearing Health Sector Committee Roadmap for Hearing Health Communique 29 January 2019

Review of Services and Technology Supply in the Hearing Services Program

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report on the review of services and technology supply is now available.

Client Rights and Responsibilities Poster

The client rights and responsibilities poster outlines the rights of clients to be treated with respect, to be informed about treatment options, privacy issues, and to be given a choice of hearing devices from fully to partially subsidised devices. It also outlines the responsibilities of clients to disclose relevant medical information, respect staff and participate in follow up care.

Clients Rights and Responsibilities Poster

The service provider contract requires that the poster is displayed at each site. 


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