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Contracted Service Provider Notice

HSOP - Update #6
(CSPN - 201914)

The HSO Training Environment is now available to service providers for testing and familiarisation with the new HSO Payments platform and processes.

HSOP Component Testing - Qualified Practitioners

Processes for creating new QP Numbers are now available in the training environment.  New & revised Quick Reference Guides are available online to assist you to test Adding a New Practitioner and Creating Practitioner Links.

HSOP Component Testing - e-Claims Batch Upload/Download

New e-Claims Batching processes are now available in the training environment.  New Quick Reference Guides are available online to assist you to test Upload and Download processes.

Please be aware that the data in this environment is de-identified and was last refreshed on 9 October.

Reminder,  the Training Environment will not send correspondence externally – please use Reference Numbers from success messages displayed on-screen.

HSO Training Environment reminder & HSOP Testing

Information on the Training Environment has recently been refreshed. We encourage you to test early and let us know of any issues as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of us getting them resolved in time for production.

Reminder:  while you can use the same AUSkey to access either portal environment, separate Training Portal user accounts must be established to access this environment.  Please ensure your HSO Administrator has created the necessary accounts for your business to test new HSO components.

Our website is regularly updated with information on Claiming, inclusive of recent legislative and contractual changes; please ensure all claims are compliant with new requirements.

We will continue to communicate project updates via CSPN, if you have questions or concerns on any of the above, please contact us directly on 1800 500 726 or at

01 November 2019

Download this CSPN 2019-14 HSOP update #6