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Hearing Services Program 2021 Changes

In the October 2020 budget, changes were announced to the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program). The following program changes came into effect on 1 July 2021.

  • Extension of vouchers to five years
  • Introduction of a Client Review service for unaided clients
  • Disallowance of standard maintenance claims for 12 months after a refitting
  • Reduction of relocated maintenance to one quarter of annual standard maintenance plus the client co-payment
  • Increase of monaural maintenance to half the amount of binaural maintenance

Details of the changes are outlined in the Hearing Services Program Change Provider Factsheet and FAQs.

In addition to the above changes announced in October 2020, the Request for a Revalidated Service Form is now to be completed online and the program has released a consolidated Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2021-22.

Transition Period

There will be a six-month transition period from 1 July 2021 until 1 January 2022 to support implementation of the changes. This will allow contracted service providers to adjust to the new changes and resume previous requirements.

Due to changing and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and arrangements in place in various states and territories, during the transition period, service providers may be flexible in their service delivery, including:

  • Allowances for verbal consent/agreement for all forms/quotes that require a client signature, including Maintenance Agreements;
  • Documenting the details of a lost device, on the client record rather than requiring a Statutory Declaration signed by the Client. The file note must include details of which device was lost, and if known how, when or where lost (noting that damaged devices must still be sent to the manufacturer to confirm in writing that the device is damaged beyond repair); and
  • Completion of ambient noise level testing and equipment where it is safe to do so.

Please ensure that if verbal consent is obtained, the client record is updated to include a note of the date and time of the interaction. The form/quote/agreement can still be sent to the client for their records.

Provider Supports

The department will continue to liaise with providers and other stakeholders over the coming months to support business during the transition period ending 1 January 2022. Updates will be published on this page via Contracted Service Provider Notices (CSPNs) and Provider Factsheets.

If you have a question about the changes that are not answered by the Factsheets and FAQs, please send them to us via the Program Change Questions Form.

Contracted Service Provider Notices

Date CSPN Title
25/06/2021 Changes to the Hearing Services Program from 1 July 2021
02/02/2021 Further Information about Changes to the Hearing Services Program

Factsheets & FAQs

Date Name
25/06/2021 Provider Factsheet - Telehealth in the Program
28/05/2021 Changes to the Hearing Services Program - FAQ
28/05/2021 Provider Factsheet - HSP Changes Update
25/05/2021 Provider Factsheet -  Maintenance Services


Date Name
01/06/2021 Update on changes to the Hearing Services Program - Online Discussion Forum 2
25/03/2021 Update on changes to the Hearing Services Program - Online Discussion Forum 1

Feedback and Known Issues

Since the release of the Schedule of Service Items and Fees in June 2021, the program has welcomed feedback on the changes. The program is taking this feedback onboard and is aware of several issues which will be addressed in future versions of the Schedule of Service Items and Fees.

Device Categories – the description for the Device Category ‘C3’ in the Schedule of Fees table incorrectly includes non-standard devices when it should only include custom devices (ITE, ITC, CIC).

Specialist Services – in ‘Definitions’ the wording implies that the Specialist Services checkbox in the portal should only be ticked after a client has decided about where they wish to receive services, instead of as soon as the client has been identified as being eligible for specialist services.

Device Replacements – the program requirements for replacements devices specifies that if the device is no longer on an approved device schedule, it should be replaced with another from the same category. This should also include tier and family.

Indexation of Fees – the Annual Indexation of Fees description should specify that the final indexed fee amount is rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

Client Reviews – Aided – the service requirements marked with an asterisk (*) can be performed for clients with hearing aids and ALDs, however only these tasks may be performed for clients fitted with ALDs.

QP Information – the evidence requirements for all claim items specify that full name of the practitioner (and supervisor if applicable) and QP number is required on the client record, however only full name is required.

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