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Contracted Service Provider Notice

2020 SAT & Compliance Lessons Learnt
(CSPN - 202011)

Compliance with the legislative and contractual requirements of the program is governed by the program’s Compliance Monitoring and Support Framework.

Self Assessment Tool

As part of the contractual requirements providers are required to complete the Self Assessment Tool (SAT) as directed.

Acknowledging the challenging circumstances for the hearing sector at this time and that providers completed the Provider Readiness Survey in early 2020, there will be no 2020 SAT.

Providers are reminded that they must still comply with the program requirements, noting the agreed special arrangements outlined in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provider Factsheet.

Compliance Update

To support providers to maintain and strengthen compliance, the program has released a Compliance Update, outlining available support, key lessons learnt from our ongoing compliance support and monitoring activities.

Action Required: As there will be no SAT in 2020, each provider is required to email, attention Compliance Team, by 12 October 2020.

Your email should confirm that

  1. you have reviewed the Compliance Update; and
  2. your business has appropriate systems and processes in place to support program compliance.

Compliance Support

The program offers a range of compliance support.

For further information visit the program website or email

25 September 2020

Download this CSPN CSPN 2020-11 2020 SAT & Compliance Lessons Learnt