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Provisional and qualified hearing practitioners

This page provides information on the requirements for Qualified Practitioners (QP), Provisional Practitioners, and QP numbers. Only Qualified Practitioners (QPs) with a QP number, or Provisional Practitioners under supervision of QP, can deliver services to eligible clients under the Hearing Services Program. Please note that only practitioners who are in an approved membership category for Qualified Practitioners are allowed to obtain a QP number. Provisional Practitioners or students must not be given a QP number.

What is a Qualified Practitioner (QP)?

A QP is either an Audiologist or Audiometrist who holds an approved membership category with a Practitioner Professional Body (PPB). Details of Approved Practitioner Membership Categories are available on the program website and PPB contact details are available below.  

Qualified practitioner (QP) number  

To provide Hearing Services Program services, you must have a QP number. Your QP number is used with any provider where you deliver services for program clients. Your employer will use your QP number to claim for program services you provide or the provisional practitioner you supervise provides.  

The program has regular contact with the PPBs to check and monitor ongoing membership details and providers can be audited to check that their linked practitioners have the required membership. 

Requesting a QP number? 

If you do not already have a QP number, your employer should request one through the Hearing Services Online portal. A guide on how to add a new practitioner, including issuing a QP number, is available from the program website. You can start seeing Hearing Services Program clients once your QP number is requested, but your provider can not lodge claims until you have a QP number.  

Linking a QP number  

Once a practitioner receives their QP number, providers can use the portal to link the QP number to their business. You can be linked with multiple employers if you work for more than one.   

Your QP number stays with you even if you change employer.  

If you cease working for a business, your former employer needs to unlink your QP number from their business, and your new employer needs to link it to their business, using the portal.   

Updating QP number records  

If your qualification changes from Audiometrist to Audiologist, provide your employer with evidence of your new membership.  

If you changed your name, provide your employer with proof of identity. 

Your employer will then email the program the documents to update QP number records.   

Inactive QP number  

If you cease employment, your employer will unlink your QP number. It might then become inactive if unused.   

If you return to providing Hearing Services Program services, email us evidence of your membership and employment, and we will re-activate your QP number.  All requests for changes to existing QP records must be emailed by the contracted service provider to Please allow up to five business days for the update to appear in the portal. 

Contact Details for the Practitioner Professional Bodies (PPB)

Audiology Australia Limited 

Phone 03 9940 3900 

Email Address  


Australian College of Audiology (ACAud

Phone 07 3839 1622 

Email Address  


Hearing Aid Audiology Society of Australia (HAASA) 

Phone 0401 517 952 

Email address  


Provisional and qualified hearing practitioners

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